GU gun cleaner

GU gun cleaner is suitable for removing fresh PU foam that has not yet cured. It is particularly intended for cleaning GU dispensing guns and is fitted with a suitable adapter ring for this purpose. The red spray head also permits universal use of the cleaner, detached from the dispensing gun.

GU gun cleaner has been specially developed for cleaning the inside of foam guns and for cleaning external areas such as can valves and adapter tubes. The enclosed red valve can also be used to remove specks of foam, e.g. from window profiles, by spraying cleaner on and letting it take effect.

  • CFC-free
  • HCFC-free
  • Reliably removes and dissolves polyurethane foam while still fresh
  • Fast working and residue-free
  • With black standard threaded adapter
  • Convenient cleaning and rinsing of gun interior using propellant gas pressure
  • Area of application: Heat and sound

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