GU joint sealing tape BG1/600

The range of applications includes sealing joints (including expansion joints) between

  • Pre-cast concrete components
  • Frame and masonry
  • Skylight inserts
  • Window sill attachments

in the fields of

  • Trapezoidal sheet metal, sandwich and metal construction
  • Prefabricated construction using concrete and other building materials
  • Solid, timber and drywall construction
  • Window installation

GU joint sealing tape BG1/600 is a PUR sealing sheet impregnated with polymer dispersion. It has been specially designed for reliable joint sealing in high-rise buildings and façades up to 100 m tall. As a quality-tested BG1 joint sealing tape, it meets the high requirements of DIN 18542:2009. In addition to an impermeability to driving rain of over 600 Pa (corresponding to a Force 11 wind), GU joint sealing tape BG1/600 also has excellent sound and thermal insulation characteristics.

  • Meets the requirements of BG1 according to DIN 18542
  • Safety due to wide range of joint applications
  • Sealing against wind, dust, spray and driving rain
  • Permits vapour diffusion
  • High adhesive strength during installation
  • Permanently elastic, with good ongoing expansion compensation behaviour
  • Provides sound and thermal insulation
  • Can be coated with common emulsion paints
  • Can be used in all fields of construction and all types of building
  • CE-certified (ETA-07/0072)
  • Consistent quality to DIN standard, regularly inspected by external institutions
  • Externally monitored by ift Rosenheim: impermeability to driving rain and coefficient of joint permeability (a value)
  • Area of application: Weather protection – external

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