GU joint sealing tape BG2/300

  • GU joint sealing tape BG2/300 is ideal for sealing joints and connections in high-rise buildings and façades
  • It is particularly well suited for use in window, metal, solid, timber and drywall construction
  • It can also be used for decoupling

GU joint sealing tape BG2/300 is a PUR sealing sheet impregnated with polymer dispersion. When compressed, it is ideally suited to sealing against driving rain, draughts and dust. Under appropriate compression, it provides reliable protection against driving rain to over 300 Pa. This corresponds approximately to a Force 9 wind. GU joint sealing tape BG2/300 furthermore has a sound and thermal insulation function. It therefore satisfies the stringent BG2 qualification requirements according to DIN 18542:2009.

  • Meets the requirements of DIN 18542 BG2
  • Sealing against wind, dust, spray and driving rain
  • Permits vapour diffusion
  • High adhesive strength during installation
  • Permanently elastic, with good ongoing expansion compensation behaviour
  • Provides sound and thermal insulation
  • Can be coated with common emulsion paints
  • Consistent quality to DIN standard, regularly inspected by external institutions
  • Area of application: Weather protection – external

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