GU sealing tape BG1

for external window ledge connection

GU sealing tape BG1 is an "all-in-one sheet" which combines all the requirements of EnEV- and RAL-compliant installation in one product. It is therefore particularly well suited to reliable, uncomplicated and time-saving sealing of window and door connectors.

GU sealing tape BG1 is a multifunctional special joint sealing tape with superior functionality. It is used to provide a seal against air and driving rain at the connecting joints of windows and doors, while at the same time having thermal insulation characteristics over the entire depth.
GU sealing tape BG1 provides sealing that permits vapour diffusion, following the RAL principle ("a better seal inside than outside"), to reliably ensure that the joint dries out thoroughly.

  • 3 layers of sealing in just one product
  • Seal a wide range of joints with just a few sheet sizes
  • Simple and reliable window sealing during installation, in just one work step.
  • Real cost benefit due to time saved on installation
  • Installation independent of the weather
  • Meets the requirements of the EnEV and the principles of the RAL installation guidelines
  • Weatherproof
  • Area of application: Heat and sound

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