B2, with PDR

Everywhere where gaps need bridging, sealing and insulating, e.g. when installing jamb liners, for clean and controlled backfilling in window installation, and for insulating sealing of connecting joints in windows and shutter boxes, and also for filling connecting joints on external jamb liners and for foam-filling small masonry openings and other cavities. For general use in high-rise buildings, where panels and the like need to be sealed.

GU winter gun foam is a moisture-curing, one-component installation foam. The newly developed formulation makes it particularly well suited to working at low ambient temperatures.
GU winter gun foam adheres to all standard building materials, excluding polyethylene, silicone, oils, fats, mould release agents and the like. GU winter gun foam corresponds to building materials class B2 as set out in DIN 4102. The foam can be processed when the ambient temperature and the substrate are at -15 °C to +30 °C. The cured foam is semi-rigid, elastic, predominantly closed cell, rot proof, moisture resistant, and thermally stable between -40 °C and +100 °C. It is resistant to aging but not to UV radiation. Its thermal and sound insulation characteristics are excellent.

  • Yield up to 40 litres (500 ml can)
  • Workable down to an ambient temperature of -15 °C
  • Fine and even cell structure
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Building material class B2
  • Area of application: Heat and sound

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