Expert in smoke detectors (RWM) in accordance with DIN 14676

F 80


Lifesavers on the ceiling: the seminar qualifies you for competent planning, installation and initial acceptance of smoke detectors and for recurring inspection and maintenance. Participants will receive extensive information about the current guidelines and system technology for smoke detectors. On passing the test at the end of the seminar you will receive an Expert in Smoke Detectors certificate.



  • Presentation "Forum on fire and smoke prevention"
  • Role of a quality expert in smoke detectors
  • Smoke emission and fire behaviour
  • EN 14604 (Standard for smoke detectors)
  • DIN 14676 (Standard for smoke detectors in residential buildings, apartments and rooms with similar purposes)
  • Installation points for smoke detectors in accordance with DIN 14676
  • Functional principle and usage limits of smoke detectors
  • Properties of smoke detectors (stand-alone detectors and networked detectors)
  • Contents for commissioning, testing and maintenance of RWM


  • Tasks, rights and duties of a qualified person
  • Certificate after passing final test


Knowledge of the industry is advantageous

1 Date

10.10.2019 (1 day)

09:00 Uhr
16:30 Uhr