PVC doors in rescue routes – "Release capability"



Creating safe interfaces. In this seminar, participants learn how to use GU group products to produce, supply and install CE-compliant external doors in rescue routes (without smoke and fire protection). The seminar will explain the theory. Following the seminar, if desired the participants can pay a licence fee to obtain the "Release capability" for PVC door systems. If you have this licence, testing of the "Release capability" element at a testing centre in accordance with EN 14351-1 is not required.


  • Legal regulations and standards
  • Important contents of the Construction Products Regulation
  • Structure and content of the Declaration of Performance
  • CE marking and traceability of products through enhanced product identification
  • EN 14351-1 (Standard "Release capability")
  • External monitoring by a testing centre
  • Maintenance instructions of escape door locking systems
  • CE licence folder
  • The GU group's solutions for doors in rescue routes


Knowledge of the industry is advantageous

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