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Access control with the GU Group

Door open or door closed? A simple question at first glance. But when the subject is access control, there are other important decisions to be taken as well: are we talking about one door or several? Will access be mechanical using a key or electronic? How can access authorisation be efficiently controlled – and is that even cost-effective and future-proof? It's good to be able to rely on a competent and experienced partner on a subject such as access control. A partner such as the Gretsch-Unitas Group.

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Basically, a good access control system operates like a doorman. It ensures security and convenience by refusing access to unauthorised persons while extending a cordial welcome to those who are authorised. The GU Group provides secure and convenient building access with its long-standing BKS brand – one of the leading companies for locking technology and security – to the delight of architects, planners and building operators, fabricators and lock and security equipment stores.

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