House entrance doors

The GU SECURY Automatic locking system for house and apartment doors is very convenient. Simply allow the door to close in the lock: the Automatic latchbolts automatically move out by 20 mm when the door is pulled closed, and lock it.


The locking type GU SECURY Automatic-DR combines security with ease of use

The GU SECURY Automatic-DR multi-point locking combines security with ease of use: the lock is a combination of Automatic latchbolt and SR bolt. It locks automatically and ensures that single- and double-leaf house entrance doors and apartment doors in all profiles can be locked and unlocked effortlessly and reliably. When the door is pulled shut, the Automatic latchbolts are immediately triggered automatically and activate the hook bolts mechanically without magnets, which are prone to interference. The SH bolts then engage with the frame parts, irrespective of the position of the Automatic latchbolts. The SR bolts move upwards to lock and thus provide protection against jemmying. The locking elements are secured against being forced back. The GU SECURY Automatic-DR is compatible with the SECUREconnect power and data transmission units and can therefore also be easily integrated into the GU house entrance door package. Biometric fingerprint detection or the individual access code permit convenient access.


Control integrated into the door frame

Automatic openers are used to facilitate convenient or even barrier-free opening of doors. The Automatic-Opener servo by Gretsch-Unitas is unique. With the A-opener servo, the opening motor is activated and the locking elements retracted if the key is turned slightly or the lever handle is lightly tapped.

With the GU SECURY Automatic-DR system with daytime release function, the locking elements can be mechanically locked by the authorised user in the withdrawn position, if required. The door can therefore be opened from the outside without a key.

House entrance door concept

Benefits of GU SECURY TE module

  • Simple activation/deactivation: The daytime release function can be easily activated or deactivated without the need for an electric strike.
  • Functional accessories: The frame-side TE striker accessories are non-handed and offer a height adjustment of +1.5 / -3.1 mm. Alternatively, a TE strip can also be used.

SECURY ePOWER Home - the motor-driven multi-point locking

The SECURY ePOWER Home dispenses with the need for manual locking with a key. The door is unlocked and locked by motor – this takes only seconds – quiet, secure and durable. Simply allow the door to close in the lock: The hook bolts rotate after the door is pulled tight, engage with the frame part and lock by motor. When the lever handle is operated to open the door, all locking elements are retracted once again from inside.


MR2/with safe-T-catch

To provide additional security and as an alternative to door chain or door viewer, the door arrester device of the safe-T-catch prevents the door from being opened by more than a certain amount. It is easy and convenient to operate via the turn. This version is particularly suitable for apartment entrance doors and house entrance doors in one-family houses.

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