GU SECURY Automatic3 TEOR: Secure from the outside, escape from the inside at any time

Escaping from the house without having to use the key is possible at any time (which is in the sense of the current German case-law relating to multiple-family dwellings). The deadbolt is substituted by an additional Automatic latchbolt positioned below the main lock case. Normal function: 3 Automatic latchbolts are triggered to lock the door securely when the door is pulled shut and withdrawn again upon actuation of the lever handle.

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Objektlösungen Wohneinheit GU-Gruppe

Mechanical and electronic locking systems: precision and security

Mechanical locking systems, electronic locking systems or a combination of the two – managed by only one master key system software. They provide the level of flexibility, comfort and security that building owners have come to expect nowadays. We are not exaggerating when we claim to have the appropriate solution available for every requirement. Even garage doors, letterboxes and garden gates can be integrated in the master key system if required.

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Efficient window installation with the GU assembly system

In order to meet the rising demands in relation to the energy efficiency of buildings, in addition to general insulation measures, a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution for installing window elements in the insulation plane is required. The systems for projecting installation developed by Gretsch-Unitas and certified for low-energy and passive houses are a particularly convincing response to this challenge.

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