Buckingham Green

Buckingham Green presented a rare opportunity to redesign part of a typical London district with its fascinating mix of buildings and uses and integrate it into the convoluted road network around St James' Park. The project consists of a refurbished tower (the so-called Rolls Royce Tower) and two new buildings with offices, retail and 65 apartments.

The area includes a 0.25 hectare public space, on which a new pedestrian-friendly square has been created. The project, designed by Fletcher Priest Architects, uses the core of the existing tower of the site at No. 1 and No. 2 Buckingham Green with two new buildings - No. 3 Buckingham Green and The Gate House - and provides additional space to match the historic environment of the site. The redesigned 16-story tower has both residential and office space, with separate entrances for residents and office users. No. 1 Buckingham Green has luxury rental apartments in the upper 10 floors. Each house has a unique floor plan and interior design.

Buckingham Green sets new standards for public space on this site, which is close to the Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Thousands of people walking between the subway station and their workplaces pass by attractive, high quality shops and restaurants that merge into sunlit rooms and capture the midday and evening sun.

Before the redevelopment, the area was disfigured by a dark alley with small shops and service shafts, which did not do justice to the charming urban context of late Victorian, decorated brick buildings with old trees. The architects' design reflects the character of the area with richly structured red bricks and a new public passage "Buckingham Green".

The design embeds the tower location in its surroundings more comfortably, with a fully glazed lobby, a reduced and optimised core of fine marble and innovative black anodised windows seated in the steel frame. The building will be 80% more energy efficient. The tower has four floors with offices and 12 floors with rental apartments above.

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