New town hall, Munich

The new town hall at Marienplatz in Munich is host to the mayor and municipal council and is also the headquarters of the city administration.

It was built between 1867 and 1909 by Georg von Hauberrisser in the neo-gothic style. The showpiece facade on Marienplatz which is around 100 metres long which sits atop a pointed arch arcade and incorporates terraces has an asymmetrical arrangement due to it being made up of two parts: the old building with the richly decorated centre gable and the new building with new tower which is 80 metres high. The brick and shell limestone complex has six inner courtyards. The site has an area of 9159 m², 7115 m² of which is occupied by the building. The main facade to Marienplatz is richly decorated. It shows the Welf duke Heinrich den Löwen and almost the entire lineage of the Wittelsbach dynasty in Bavaria, incorporates neo-gothic water spouts in the form of grotesque faces and masks, allegorical images, themes from the life of holy and popular legendary figures and depicts the most substantial cycle of rulers ever to be seen on a German town hall. A statue of Prince Regent Luitpold on horseback occupies a central position in the main facade on Marienplatz above the guard house between the two stages of construction.

In many respects, the town hall is modelled on the medieval town hall in Brussels. The architect Georg von Hauberrisser not only designed the building envelope, but also all details of the rooms including all the interior fixtures and fittings (incl. office furniture). Today, it still provides a workplace for around 700 people occupying more than 400 rooms.

The "Münchner Kindl" ("Munich child" in the Bavarian dialect) sits atop the 85-metre high central tower which houses one of the biggest chimes in Europe. The town hall tower also contains a viewing gallery which can be reached by lift. A 4-metre high clock can be found on the ninth storey of the town hall tower and is an example of the Mettlach mosaic technique.

The mayor, council factions, assembly hall and small parts of the municipal administration still occupy the town hall today. Receptions and tributes to successful Munich sportspersons and teams are also generally held in the new town hall and on the Marienplatz.

GU solution: SHEV 1050 as opening for smoke removal in accordance with Art. 33 of the Bavarian Building Regulations (BayBO)

In 2018, during the course of improvements to the building fire protection, existing windows were upgraded to provide openings for smoke removal in the main stairwells for which suitable components such as locking drives for inward-opening Side-Hung windows needed to be installed. The drives and locking drives were painted in colours specified by the customer.