The Madison

The Madison is a 181m-tall tower located along Marsh Wall on the Isle of Dogs. This residential-led scheme contains 423 luxury apartments, a spa, a gym and public accessible landscaped gardens that, due to the elegant, slender nature of the tower design, cover 70% of the site.

The high-performance glass facade is articulated with a tapestry of undulating fins that reference the surrounding water. These fins create a moiré effect that changes the appearance of the building throughout the day.


„Our driving aim for The Madison, located on the Isle of Dogs, is to provide incoming and existing residents better access to open space in this rapidly developing part of London.

Our design is inspired by the fluidity of the surrounding docklands. The 53 storeys of elegant residential accommodation are animated by a fin-clad facade that creates a moiré rippling effect, and anchored with an angled peak and slender silhouette.

A dramatic cut through the building creates an amenities floor as well as a contextual divide. The taller upper section references the towers of neighbouring Canary Wharf; the lower section, the low-rise docklands. By making the tower as slender as possible, we're able to give 70% of the site back to the public, filling it with large gardens and a children’s play area.

This site won’t just be a home for hundreds of Londoners; it will be a space for everyone. And it will dramatically improve access to the waterside and Canary Wharf beyond.“

Frank Filskow, Project lead, Make

Source: Make Architects

In July 2022, the building won the "best tall residential building" award in the Tall Building Award.

GU-Solution: facade engineering