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Tilt&Turn hardware for PVC elements

The surface-mounted UNI-JET D and UNI-JET S hinge-sides

The lasting effective solution

The UNI-JET can carry sash weights up to 150 kg and floor-to-ceiling sashes up to a height of 2800 mm – without requiring any additional components and with identical visual appearance. Ease of movement when opening and closing is also ensured up to the safety class RC3. The functions are guaranteed for 10 years thus ensuring their long term reliability.

Comparison of UNI-JET D and UNI-JET S


D = drilled

  • 280 - 1600 mm sash rebate width
  • 250 - 2800 mm sash rebate height
  • 150 kg tested load-bearing capacity


S = screwed

  • 280 - 1600 mm sash rebate width
  • 250 - 2800 mm sash rebate height
  • 130 kg tested load-bearing capacity

The concealed UNI-JET SCF hinge-sides

No compromises on design and functionality

The UNI-JET SCF hinge-side for PVC and timber windows (with/without overlap or with CONTURA-compatible profile) and the UNI-JET CC hinge-side for aluminium windows emphasise clear architectural lines and offer the same degree of safety and functionality as the surface-mounted hinge-sides from the GU group.

The invisible load carrier

Sash weights up to 160 kg, floor-to-ceiling sashes up to 2800 mm and ease of operation, also in safety classes up to RC 3 – the concealed hinge-sides have been found to perfectly satisfy all of the above when subjected to 15 000 test cycles. The option of a barrier-free version provides an additional benefit.



SCF = screwed, concealed, flush

  • 390 - 1400 mm sash rebate width
  • 280 - 2800 mm sash rebate height
  • 160 kg tested load-bearing capacity

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