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GEMOS access

The access control system – certified in accordance with EN 60839-11.1

The application options of GEMOS access extend from offline access control systems for small applications to modular and fully integrated parts of building, security or hazard management systems.

GEMOS access unites different security technologies at the door itself. Accordingly, access control, escape door control, and monitoring systems are linked centrally to the GAM door module. The open interface architecture enables the connection of many third party card readers, e.g. via RS-485 or Wiegand protocol – independently from the applied reading technique. The core of the program and database reflect the innovative GEMOS software philosophy which has been consistently developed and further refined over many years.

  • GEMOS access provides planning security, since possible upgrades can be integrated directly on the door
  • Centralize structure allows also other security sub-systems be integrated in GEMOS access
  • Cost-intensive double installations can be avoided

Due to the integration of state-of-the-art biometric readers, e.g. fingerprint and hand vein scanner, the system can also be used in high-security environments. Clear menu structures, predefined settings for typical applications as well as hardware recognition assistants allow for fast and therefore economic handling both during installation and operation. The integration of GEMOS access into GEMOS adv. PSIM smoothly takes place based on the same software core and makes the following and other functions possible.

GEMOS access

User interface

  • Hybrid system operation with various ID card and reader types in one installation
  • Web-based user interface
  • Superior availability due to redundant bus structure
  • Cryptographically encoded security bus
  • Connection of intelligent escape door terminals
  • Integration into existing networks, also heterogeneous ones
  • Integration into avd. PSIM through open interfaces

System overview

The design of the access control system GEMOS access is simple, well-structured and secure.

The web-based client/server structure makes operation via a browser possible. The server structure can be simple or redundant (hot-standby). Additional decentralized intelligence is linked to the GEMOS access Controller (GAC) via an TCP/IP network. The GEMOS access door modules (GAM) can be linked redundantly via the cryptographic encrypted GEMOS universal bus.


The GEMOS access module (GAM) manages all imaginable devices and installations on a door, regardless of the respective manufacturer. A multitude of possible connections and functions provides superior flexibility and planning security. Housings for various applications, cover contacts, individual devices etc. round off the line.



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