International outlook

The Gretsch-Unitas group consists of more than 50 manufacturing and sales companies in more than 35 countries. GU group employees bring a high degree of technical problem-solving expertise and specific knowledge of the conditions, standards and guidelines in the respective markets to bear on the projects of our customers.

Internationalität in der GU-Gruppe

System provider and solution partner

As a system provider, the GU group also supplies matching products for highly complex requirements. It does not simply offer individual products, it also offers coherent solutions – a one-stop service underpinned by the extensive product range of more than 30,000 articles. Architects, planners, fabricators or small-scale professional tradesmen – and therefore the end customer – benefit from this range of services.

GU-Gruppe als Systemanbieter

Leading innovator

New solutions provide convincing answers to current challenges in the industry and therefore set the future trends in the international market. At the same time tried-and-tested products are continually developed thus securing their active future. More than 1,400 patents reflect the innovative prowess which has produced countless inventions through which the brands of the GU group give vital impulses to the market time and again.

Innovationsführer GU-Gruppe

In-house production

The GU group produces at its own sites in Germany, France and Slovakia. Gretsch-Unitas carries out all production steps; from tool making at the in-house workshops through to international logistics. Gretsch-Unitas aspires to generate maximum added value by using resources as efficiently as possible and minimising the impact on the environment. The eco-friendly certification demonstrates our success with regard to improving environmental performance and energy ratings.

Eigene Fertigung bei der GU-Gruppe

High-quality products

All products and solutions are developed by the engineers at the headquarters in Germany and manufactured by highly skilled Gretsch-Unitas group employees at the European production sites. Here, efficient modern processes effectively balance the requirements for more complex technology tailored to individual requirements with our high quality expectations.

Hochwertige Produkte der GU-Gruppe

Qualified employees

Quality and qualifications go hand-in-hand. Highly qualified people are working for Gretsch-Unitas worldwide – with passion and commitment. Employees benefit from a comprehensive range of qualification and further training offerings and know they can actively shoulder responsibility and play an active role in the organisation of tasks.

Qualifizierte Mitarbeiter bei der GU-Gruppe

Added value through service

A product on its own is not a solution. Security, function and cost-effectiveness can only be ensured with the right planning and by ensuring correct application. GU group therefore consistently reflects the systematic approach to its product range in its service offering. We support our customers with expert advice tailored to individual requirements, online support, a comprehensive offering of specialist seminars as well as installation (commissioning) and maintenance.

Service bei der GU-Gruppe

Purchase and delivery terms

In diesem Bereich finden Sie wichtige Dokumente, die die Grundlagen der Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Lieferanten darlegen. Hier sind unser Lieferantenkodex und die Einkaufsbedingungen für Lieferanten hinterlegt. Zudem haben Sie die Möglichkeit Hinweise auf menschenrechtliche und umweltbezogene Verstöße der Gretsch-Unitas GmbH vertraulich zu melden.