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BKS mortise locks

The extensive range of BKS mortise locks offers visual consistency and comprises different locking types for timber, steel, aluminium and PVC doors.

This lock range is right solution for many different applications, from the private interior door through to the heavily frequented entrance door of an office or industrial building. The outstandingly durable, low-maintenance BKS mortise locks are especially suited for heavy duty applications. They comply with DIN 18250 and with DIN 18251.

Mortise locks for timber or steel doors

BKS mortise locks are designed specifically for timber or steel doors – with large backsets and flat faceplates with rounded ends. The locks are complemented by appropriate strikers for the door frame.

Performance features such as burglary protection, suitability for fire protection and escape doors, and possible integration into access control systems enable you to use BKS mortise locks for timber or steel doors in many areas.

Mortise locks for narrow stile doors

The BKS mortise locks for aluminium or PVC doors have been designed especially to meet the requirements of narrow stile doors: the slim and differently reinforced profiles demand locks with smaller backsets. BKS mortise locks are available for additional requirements such

  • Burglar inhibition,
  • fire protection and suitability for escape doors
  • and the integration into access control systems.

BKS silent latch

For interior doors, it is above all important to have the quietest possible opening and closing. As a result, silent latch locks are used.

A latch made of metal with plastic sheathing is referred to as a silent latch. When a metal latch engages in the lock, this is often accompanied by a loud popping noise. Sheathing – or an integrated PVC roller such as that found in the BKS silent latch – ensure the door closes quietly.

The BKS silent latches are a convincing durable low-maintenance system, especially when there is a high frequency of use.

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