ORANGE BLU, formerly the architectural firm zsp architekten | peter vorbeck, was commissioned with the design and new-build of a refectory linked to a socio-pedagogic information centre. The new building extends both the available space for the all-day facility and also the catering for the planned school campus. This means that up to 500 people can be catered for at a time in 2-3 shifts. As meeting place for both schools, the new building also facilitates an expansion of care and support services for school social work. The single-storey freestanding building was built in the playground of the "Altenburgschule", a listed ensemble of buildings in the Art Nouveau style, and runs parallel to the street and the old playground wall. A projecting canopy creates a sheltered playground area. The refectory in the freestanding building is extensively glazed and faces towards the playground and street. All functions are clearly expressed outwardly by alternating open and closed surfaces.

Built in less than a year, the project which is 600 m² in size was completed on time and within budget before the start of the school year. It was officially opened at the end of 2015. With the refectory new-build, ORANGE BLU created lucid clearly organised spaces with a bright and friendly atmosphere. So that students and teachers can safely leave the building in the event of an emergency, escape door control units by Gretsch-Unitas were installed and the doors secured by multipoint locks.

GU solution:escape door control units and SECURY multi-point locks