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The IT and data security requirements for a networked physical security information management system that captures security-relevant data and controls critical security systems are exacting.

The leading browser-based PSIM GEMOS is a state-of-the-art system that is equipped with the necessary functions to respond to the current threat situation and the thematic complexity of "Cybersecurity" and has long been an integral part of the development roadmap.

In 2020 ela-soft GmbH received the LenelS2 certification within the scope of the LenelS2® OpenAccess Alliance Program

The LenelS2 certification means that GEMOS participates in the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP). GEMOS interfaces with the OnGuard®access control system using approved OnGuard APIs. The advantage for users is that the GEMOS system automatically detects changes to devices in the OnGuard system and displays these changes in the GEMOS system. Consequently GEMOS remains synchronised with ongoing expansions or changes in the security structure.

GEMOS 5 Next Generation PSIM

The GEMOS 5 "Next Generation PSIM" was launched on the market at the end of 2021. GEMOS 5 marks a fundamental redesign of GEMOS PSIM (advanced physical security information system) from the core to the modular structure, new user interfaces (GUI) and master data management.

Numerous media, communication and security systems, such as fire alarm systems, intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems, fire extinguishing and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems and much more, can be managed irrespective of the manufacturer in GEMOS.

High availability and secure interfaces are the basis for the smooth-functioning linking of third-party systems to management systems. Intelligent GEMOS interfaces provide a separate driver for linking with every third-party system.

GEMOS 5 Enterprise solutions

With the Enterprise solution, all buildings can be monitored from one control center.

  • GEMOS 5 "Enterprise Light" describes a redundant system locally in one place with two servers. In this configuration, the redundant system steps in when the main server fails and once the main server has been restored and activated, messages and events of the redundant system that have accumulated in the meantime are transferred automatically to the main system. In this expansion stage, although the master data is in fact regularly transferred automatically from the main server to the redundant server, this data would not be transferred from the redundant server back to the main server following restoration in the event of a failure.


  • GEMOS 5 "Enterprise Standard" consists of a control room installation and up to eighteen locations. If requested, the installation at the locations can have the functional scope of the "Enterprise Light" system (local redundancy). The messages from local interfaces, events and messages are transferred from the locations to the control room in real time. Master data is only maintained at the control room and automatically transferred to the locations (central data administration/data sovereignty). The control room has a redundant configuration, in the event of a total failure of the control room, or connection of a location to the control room, the location operates locally and autonomously. Accumulated messages and events are also transferred automatically from the location to the control room in this case once the connection or control room systems have been restored and activated.

GEMOS 5 Mosaic

  • GEMOS Mosaic – the powerful 4th generation of visualization, use and control of views, ground floor plans, layouts and their contents in GEMOS
  • Stepless zooming in on ground floor plans resulting in increasing display of detail ("Google Maps Effect"), e.g. zooming into the building.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – supports mapping in GEMOS 5 of fixed and dynamically acting sensors using GPS coordinates
  • Monitoring of moving objects (e.g. drones)
  • In this connection also definition of areas ("alarm zones") and issuing of alarms in cases where moving objects leave or enter these areas (e.g. restricted zones)
  • Embedding of video streams: the video live stream of a drone during a surveillance flight can be displayed.
GEMOS 5 Mosaic

GEMOS 5 HTML5 video

  • Video images in GEMOS 5 are integrated natively via HTML5/Web RTC which means that external additional client applications are no longer required
  • Video Management Systems and cameras that offer an HTML5 video stream can be integrated into GEMOS 5 directly.
  • GEMOS 5 is equipped with an optional video proxy so that HTML5-capable Video Management Systems and cameras can be integrated into GEMOS 5
  • Access to functions of the Video Management System such as archive images, control commands/presets, etc. through intuitive browser operation (used in same way as "YouTube")
  • Highly-scaleable video proxy facilitates integration of a large number of video cameras and several Video Management Systems in parallel. The Proxy Server transcodes the video streams of the various cameras and Video Management Systems which reduces the demands on the GEMOS client systems.
  • Streaming of HTML5 videos in the browser (installation of a separate application for displaying videos at the workstation is not required)

GEMOS 5 new interfaces, graphics and more

  • GEMOS 5 GUI relaunch – revision of the web-based user and operator interface while retaining free, individual and requirement-based design options
  • Icons and symbols in vector graphic format – infinitely-variable scalability with zero loss of quality
  • CAD import – support of the current DWG AutoCAD file formats in GEMOS for the graphic import of drawings without requiring external conversions. Positioning, exchange of properties and import of detectors via the CAD drawing block attributes. Support of CAD layer structures, working with referenced drawings (XRefs).
  • Improved operability and user-friendliness based on so-called UI/UX concepts. This makes it easier for new operators to initially get to grips with the system, the application can be used more intuitively and the training requirements also reduced.
  • This involves reworking of the control elements in GEMOS 5 with a view to modernising the graphics and increasing user-friendliness.
GEMOS 5 Oberfläche

GEMOS advanced PSIM is equipped with more than 900 interfaces for nearly all known manufacturers, is a market and technology leader in this sector. Although many of the core requirements are similar for all projects, they are also equally diverse in terms of detailed implementation.

GEMOS interfaces

Sector-specific solutions

Individual project solutions for different sectors.

Sector-specific solutions

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