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CMW & CMW-F prismatic sliding door

Entrance doors adapted to the building architecture

A special sliding door to give your entrance area an individual touch that can be built at any angle between 90° and 179°. The corresponding safety sensors safeguard the main closing edge in accordance with DIN 18650/EN 16005. The "true" drive height is 100 mm, that is the door panel's upper profile is absorbed by the drive and concealed from below by the cover. The prismatic sliding door can thus be easily and attractively integrated into all delicate substructures.

More details
  • Type CMR-F: redundant drive with 2 motors for use in escape and rescue routes
  • Running smoothness thanks to carriage wheels with exchangeable rubber coating
  • "True" height of drive: 100 mm
  • Fast opening speed of up to max. 0.9 m/s.
  • G30 profile system
  • Clear and simple operation
  • Optionally available with locking element integrated into the carriage or floor lock (optional)
  • Self-learning control system with many connection and adjustment options

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