VENTUS fanlight opener: for optimum room climate

Fresh air to focus learning with a high degree of safety for children at play – without any windows projecting into the room. The VENTUS fanlight opener is the obvious answer to these requirements. It allows individual ventilation requirements to be met: the electrical variants are preferred if comfort is a high priority; the manual variants are used if costs are in the foreground.

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Radio battery lock: amok prevention in schools

Schools should be safe, but not fortresses. Even simple measures can protect human life: the electrically coupled radio battery lock, exclusively from BKS. Functionality: In normal operation, classroom doors are opened by lever handles. In the event of an amok alarm, access from outside is prevented. The room can be left from the inside at any time, but reliably protects against dangers from the outside. The radio battery lock is suitable for retrofitting without loss of approval, as the door does not need to be wired.

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Automatic sliding door with compactMaster CM-F: Safe and convenient

In schools, barrier-free access is a requirement for some – and convenient for all. Aspects such as security and protection against draughts must also be considered in the entrance area, for example with a wind-break porch consisting of a swing door and automatic sliding door: the swing door in front is open when the school opens and when it closes and during break times. The sliding door behind it allows barrier-free access. The swing door is securely and tightly closed for the rest of the time.

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Project hardware: durable, certified technology

Doors in school buildings are exposed to plenty of wear and tear, but are expected to function at all times. Project hardware far exceeds the minimum requirements of the standard: the durability test according to EN 1906 demands the highest user category 4 (a test comprising 200,000 actuations) – project hardware is tested with more than 1.5 m actuations. This means the hardware is optimally suited to all doors in the school building.

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