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Sliding door hardware

Sliding doors blur the boundary between the inside and outside and therefore convey a sense of space and openness. Gretsch-Unitas provides harmonised hardware systems for all sliding doors with many security and comfort features.

GU registers patent for sliding door hardware

Gretsch-Unitas develops hardware for sliding doors for indoor and outdoor use.

GU registers patent for Lift&Slide hardware

Ever since Gretsch-Unitas invented the first hardware system for Lift&Slide doors back in 1958, large-format Lift&Slide doors have been right at the top of the architectural wish list of demanding builders.


The future of sliding: the motor-driven Lift & Slide door HS ePOWER completely barrier-free.

GU system threshold

Floor-flush GU system threshold awarded as product of the year by bfb.

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