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The services of the business area offer all-encompassing solutions for networked building security. It represents a response by our group to the increasing demands of the market and customers. The offering is aimed at architects, planning consultants, project developers, property developers, medium-sized enterprises and public companies.

Networked security concept

The non-manufacturer-specific GEMOS physical security information and hazard management system offers interfaces for nearly all security systems available on the market. Thus, these and all products of the GU group can be networked using the advanced physical security information system.

BKS networked worlds

Opening of the showroom in Velbert

Electronic and mechanical security solutions are displayed across 1000 square metres, showcasing expertise covering the various requirements of system solutions for access control, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation, hazard models, escape and rescue routes. The showroom provides a space for customers to discuss solutions, ideas and suggestions.

Customers, partners and associations can also use the premises to host their own events.

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Networked security solutions for different sectors

With BKS Connect, we ensure coordinated security by providing customised solutions in different sectors. In doing so we focus on reconciling various facets of life with the architectural and constructional constraints of modern construction projects.

Areas of BKS Connect



From the development of cross-trade safety concepts through to preparation of quotation.

Analysis of business processes, security and optimisation concepts, outline planning by specialised planners, cost estimates, creation of performance specification, bills of quantities and functional tenders, detailed plans and as-completed drawings.



Project implementation and project management on the building site to flexibly coordinate the many different trades and professionally complete a wide variety of tasks. Hardware and software solutions for uncompromising safety inside and outside buildings



A comprehensive one-stop service – from project management through to installation and commissioning to individually tailored services and maintenance.

BKS GmbH certified according to DIN 14675 – Fire detection and voice alarm systems

For each operating phase of fire alarm and voice alarm systems, BKS has the certificates required by the DIN 14675, which serve as proof of conformity with the requirements of DIN 14675:2018-04.

This includes the planning, design, assembly, installation, commissioning, acceptance, servicing and maintenance, whether for new systems or for expansions, modifications and adaptations of existing systems.

DIN 14675 specifies requirements for the construction and operation of systems for fire detection, warning and alerting in and around buildings with special consideration of building regulations and fire brigade requirements. It is drawn up by the German Firefighting and Fire Protection Standards Committee (FNFW) and describes the professional installation and operation of fire alarm systems that trigger a direct notification of the fire brigade. It is applied in Germany and covers all fire brigade-relevant topics such as connection and standardised fire brigade peripherals.

We also provide this service in connection with our advanced physical security information system and organisation system (PSIM) GEMOS and offer our customers a visualisation of all safety components, among other things.

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