35XV Residences

35XV is a unique hybrid mixed-use building built in the middle of a block of streets in Chelsea, an economically diverse and historic neighbourhood in New York City. The granite-clad base of the lower six floors houses the extension of a historic high school with classrooms and a basketball court.

The upper part of the 25-story high-rise is a sculpturally angled glass form. On the seventh floor there is a gym, a lounge, a children's playroom, a wine bar and a community terrace. From the eighth floor onwards, 55 apartments of different sizes are accommodated.

The building forms a complex three-dimensional puzzle with clearly defined zones for different uses.

Two identities have emerged: one of the street/city and one of the sky: a cubic stone base which continues the materiality of the surrounding buildings, while the chamfered shape of the tower and the "fish-scale" glass cladding serve to reflect the changing sky and dematerialise the tower. An individual yet unmistakably contemporary street façade was created, which reflects the functional needs of the grammar school and at the same time celebrates the residential identity.

GU solution: Top-Hung window, outward with gas pressure springs

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