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Mechanical locking systems

Cylinder and key – the high-quality basis of mechanical locking systems

BKS satisfies the most stringent quality and security demands with high quality mechanical door protection solutions. The modern reversible keys are equipped with key duplication protection, and can only be requested by authorised persons with a security card.

The future needs of the keys and locking cylinders are ensured by long patent terms and flexible expansion possibilities for the systems. Mechanical access control can be supplemented and combined with electronic systems.

Security is the name of the game: bumping protection, featured as standard, takes care of this as well as the emergency function that prevents blocking by inserted keys.

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BKS locking systems offer individual and tailor-made solutions and are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards. You may wish to integrate high-quality mechanical security technology into your private home with a registered differ or equip your multiple-dwelling building or company premises with a master key system – whatever the case BKS locking cylinders are the right choice.

BKS offers extensive services for planning, ordering, management and programming of master key systems, precisely like the perfectly organised delivery of cylinders and quick dispatch of duplicate keys.

BKS Zylinder
  • Tested in accordance with EN 1303 and DIN 18252
  • Conventional locking systems such as detect3 with paracentric key profile
  • Reversible key systems janus, livius and helius for exceptional convenience
  • Coded single differs in the normal profile
  • Registered differs with security card
  • Patent-protected cylinder systems
  • janus locking cylinder with modular design
Reversible key systems

Reversible key systems

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Conventional key systems

Conventional key systems

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BKS identifikation App

BKS identifikation App

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