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Escape door packages

With the BKS door concepts EVT (electrically-locking Touch Bar) and EVP (electrically-locking panic lock) in conjunction with the FTNT escape door control unit ensure that personal safety during a panic situation and maximum security for material property is not a contradiction. And what's more, the number of system components is reduced to a minimum.

Both the EVT and EVP escape door packages are used in combination with the FTNT escape door control unit and can be networked via the BKS-NET door bus coupler.

The planners are thus provided with high-performance and safe solutions according to current standards such as EN 179/EN 1125 and DIN EN 13637 which are precisely tailored to the requirements of the project.

Türkonzepte für Fluchtwege

EVP electrically-locking panic lock

GU group specially developed the electrically-locking panic lock EVP for 1-leaf emergency exit doors. The combination of self-locking panic lock and electrically controlled escape door lock provides an economic compact solution which significantly reduces the planning time for architects and door fabricators.

The panic lock is also available with multi-point locking for increased burglar protection. The electric locking point is located at the centre of the lock area which prevents deformation of the door leaf, even in the event of incorrect operation.

Panikschloss EVP

Electrically-locking Touch Bar EVT

The EVT combines 1- and 2-leaf panic hardware and escape door locking according to EltVTR and DIN EN 13637 into one system thus reducing the number of individual components. The integrated LED indicator in the Touch bar also makes intuitive operation possible. Under safe conditions the door cannot be opened, if a hazardous situation arises it can be quickly and safely released via the emergency push-button of the escape door control system.

An additional technical and aesthetic benefit is the integrated LED indicator that clearly signals the "locked" or "unlocked" status. This makes the electrically-locking Touch Bar EVT suitable for all modern panic doors.

Touch Bar EVT

Radio battery lock

The demand for radio-controlled solutions for doors and windows is also steadily increasing in the private property sector. Users often want these systems to be highly secure. BKSremote, the BKS standard wireless system, more than satisfies this requirement.

The wireless solutions are suitable for retrofitting motor-driven window, balcony-door, door and fanlight opener drives, etc., as no wiring is required. The cables of the receiver are uniquely colour coded and can be connected to the corresponding drive or a motor-driven lock and brought into operation with no previous knowledge of wireless technology.

The battery-operated radio electrically coupled cylinder is coupled and decoupled via a wall module with encrypted radio communication. This means that all doors with profile-cylinder hole-types can be incorporated into access control or building management systems by any manufacturer.

The radio-controlled electrically coupled cylinder simply replaces the existing mechanical cylinder in the door. The wall-mounted radio module or an alternative activation method is mounted near the door and activated by an access control system via a contact.

Performance features


  • A door can be activated by means of a radio electrically coupled cylinder without cabling being required for the door.
  • Doors can be incorporated into an access control system without wiring and without having to install mechanical blocking devices (maglocks or electric strikes). The components can also be retrofitted to fire rated doors without invalidating the fire protection approval.

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