ILB Potsdam

The facade design emphasises the clear cubic form of the three buildings. The playful appearance with irregular rhythm of 'open' and 'closed' facade elements is based on a facade module with axes at 1.35 metre centres and comprises a glazed window element and opaque surface. In relation to the facade therefore, all offices are identical in value and have the same ratio of transparent to opaque window surface. The desired appearance is obtained by adding and mirror inverting the modules.

The areas frequented by visitors and communal areas such as meeting rooms, staff canteen, cafeteria and conference room, are accommodated in what is known as the "Auengeschoss", which acquired its name because of the extensive views it offers of the surrounding meadowy countryside or "Auen". In the summer, the glazed ambulatory around the internal patio garden can be opened and transformed into a "summer foyer". Expansive terraces provide attractive open-air recreational areas. The office areas are characterised by transparency and openness and establish visual links with the Havel landscape. Thanks to the building structure, the offices on the courtyard side also enjoy stunning views. A "floating roof“ (segmental arch roof) frames the view from the courtyards.

GU solution:we supplied HUECK Aluminium Systems with specially designed heavy duty aluminium hinges to carry weights up to 250 kg in the stainless steel look special colour, gears, corner-drives and locking components from AK 8 and burglar-inhibiting special components for RC3. To enable the hardware to be fabricated quickly, we provided a special die.

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