Hygienic door handles from BKS

Door handles that are touched by many people every day run the risk of becoming infected with germs, bacteria or viruses. For this reason, BKS has expanded its existing range of door handles to include products with an antimicrobial surface.

The WDL fittings from BKS convince with innovative technology and durable function. Now the fittings have been extended to include the aspect of hygiene. The antimicrobial coating SANPURE® from our cooperation partner GB Neuhaus is used. It contains the active ingredient nanosilver, which kills bacteria, germs and fungi and renders them harmless. Independent studies have also proven that SANPURE® causes a virus reduction of more than 99.99 percent after only eight hours. The duration of effect is more than 20 years, it is scratch-resistant and additionally chemically resistant to conventional cleaning agents and disinfection measures. The transparent coating does not impair the design-oriented appearance of the door handles.

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