Tested and certified retrofit products

The effect of retrofit measures depends not just on the specially approved door hardware components, but rather also on proper consultation and installation. Police advice centres name installers that offer certified and tested solutions.

Participation in basic training with an approved supplier is required to be able to correctly install surface-mounted products in windows and doors. For products concealed in the rebate, the GU group offers advanced training according to DIN 18104-2 with
authorisation and licensing. This training and other technical qualifications make
it possible to be included in the list of installers.

Das effiziente Plus an Sicherheit – wir bieten Ihnen ein breites Spektrum an geprüften und zertifizierten Produkten:

  • Retrofit products for windows and doors concealed in the rebate (DIN 18104-2)
    – UNI-JET, Parallel-Slide and Lift&Slide hardware
    – GU SECURY X upgrade set for doors
  • Security hardware (DIN EN 1906)
    – BKS security hardware, security class 2

  • Profile cylinders (DIN 18252 / EN 15684)
    – Mechanical and mechatronic locking cylinders grade 1 and 2

  • Mortise locks / multi-point locks (DIN 18251)
    – Single-point locks grade 5,
    multi-point locks grade 3 and 4

Retrofittable security: the GU SECURY X flexible multi-point locks

With the GU SECURY X assortment, Gretsch-Unitas is making a special service available to fitters at lock and security equipment stores, fabricators tasked with mechanical safety, joiners, door manufacturers and building hardware retailers:
a flexible solution for replacing ageing multi-point locks, upgrading security and assembling customised solutions.

  • Comprehensive renovation and upgrading options with just a few components and minimal effort – without removing the door or the lock recesses and strikers
  • Low-cost – simple – flexible: one lock for all applications
    –    X variants
    –    X locking types
    –    X materials
    –    X options
  • Burglar-inhibiting retrofit products. The MR bolt, SH bolt and Automatic latchbolts are tested according to DIN 18104, part 2