Burglary protection for your home

It's good to feel safe and protected when at home

It pays to invest in the security of doors and windows. The fact that almost half of all burglaries are abandoned following an initial unsuccessful attempt is an important indicator that effective burglar inhibition can be achieved by securing doors, patio doors and windows mechanically to prevent quick access.

"Opportunity makes the thief": instead of "professionals", most break-ins are perpetrated by opportunists who try to jemmy windows and doors open using simple tools. They don't care whether it's your house or your neighbour's house. They exploit carelessness, lack of awareness or lack of preventative measures on the part of the occupants. However, these kind of burglaries can be thwarted by taking some simple measures.

The more difficult it is for a thief to commit a burglary, they more likely it is that the would-be perpetrator will give up. Burglaries can therefore be foiled by using the right security technology on doors and windows.

Retrofitted burglar protection for your home

To be fair, a retrofit product from your builders' merchant is not necessarily that bad. But as a measure on its own it is not going make your home more secure. After all, your house entrance door is only really secure if it also fitted with locking cylinders, keys and a striker.

To prevent errors when retrofitting security equipment, you should have this carried out by a specialist firm. You will receive advice on suitable components and security products will be installed according to DIN regulations.

A high level of burglar inhibition can often be achieved with just a few mechanical measures on existing windows, balcony doors, patio doors or house entrance doors. This could be replacing older hardware with new improved more secure hardware and using mushroom head locking cams for windows and patio doors,
or a installing a new multi-point locking system or certified locking cylinder on your house entrance door, for example.

Our products are recommended by police information centres, and our inventions are patent protected and certified by VdS (German Insurance Association).