CMR curved sliding door

compactMaster CMR and CMR-F curved sliding door

Rounded out – sliding door with a revolving appearance

A curved sliding door combines the generous look of a cylindrical door system with the advantages of a sliding door with its easy access. Whether in the form of a segmental arch, a semicircle, or a full circle up to a diameter of 4000 mm, the compactMaster CMR/CMR-F curved sliding door integrates perfectly into the architecture of a building. Through the use of sophisticated profiles (G30 profile system), extensive transparency is combined with comprehensive functionality. For escape and rescue routes, the CMR-F version offers large opening widths up to 2500 mm. The drives are certified to DIN 18650/EN 16005, type-tested by TÜV and comply with the current directives and standards. The CMR-F drive system is tested and suitable for use in escape and rescue routes (AutSchR). In the CMR RC3 and CMR-F RC3 versions, the curved sliding doors are tested in accordance with EN 1627 to ensure they are burglar-inhibiting.

Convincing in detail

  • Type CMR-F: redundant drive with 2 motors for use in escape and rescue routes
  • Type CMR RC3/CMR-F RC3: curved sliding door tested in accordance with EN 1627, in conjunction with sliding panels that can be locked manually using profile half cylinders on the inside as well as use of P5A glazing or a suitable filling.
  • Running smoothness thanks to large rollers
  • Fast opening speed of up to max. 0.9 m/s
  • Clear and simple operation
  • Integrated door locking element at the sliding panel
  • Self-learning control system with many connection and adjustment options
  • Continuous floor guide


  • Inclusion in building management systems and access controls
  • LED spotlights for installation in the aluminium ceiling
  • Glass ceiling
  • Air curtain system
  • Loose-fixed flange connection
  • Entrance mat


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