Multi-family home

Energy efficiency regulations and safety requirements have a decisive impact on the equipment used in modern residential units. The challenge here is not to lose sight of comfort and efficiency of operation of larger units.

BKS Connect creates sustainable solutions that ensure a sustainable high quality of living and therefore play an important role in retaining the value of the building.

House entrance door for multi-family home

Connection of entrance door to GEMOS access with an authorisation concept appropriate to the functionality of a multi-family home with access function for authorised tenants. With the GU-SECURY Automatic3 TEOR, escaping from the house without having to use the key is possible at any time (in compliance with the current case-law relating to multiple-family homes).

A daytime release function can be activated by authorised users only (through actuation by key and lever handle).

BKS Vernetzte Welten – Showroom in Velbert

Intelligent parcel box unit

The ultimate solution for receiving, sending and returning packages. The myRENZbox enables optimum networking of building management, residents and parcel delivery service.

The facility is configured and controlled via the myRENZbox Portal, myRENZbox App and integral touch display.


Rolling grill

Door curtain made of aluminium hinge-like honeycombs connected to one another. The installed TagMaster wide-range reader is connected to the GU Automatic control of the rolling grill. TagMaster uses various UHF tags to demonstrate the opening. The TagMaster readers are managed using an appropriate authorisation concept for tenants.

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