Larger passage widths, greater operational safety, greater convenience

The mechanics of the Parallel-Slide hardware system itself ensures appropriate operation and safe use of the door. This prevents damage to the hardware, the element and the structure.

Thanks to the innovative combination of newly developed scissor sliders with ball bearing supported rolls mounted at the top of the sash and the proven, high-quality Tilt&Slide bogies installed at the bottom, the sash slides gently and precisely into its open or closed position.

Gretsch-Unitas Parallel-Slide hardware ensures long-lasting use due to its precise functionality, and also satisfies the individual requirements of users in terms of comfort and safety.

Allowing for sash widths of up to 2000 mm and sash weights of up to 200 kg, the GU-966/200 (timber/PVC) and GU-968/200 (aluminium) Parallel-Slide hardware systems are the ideal solution for windows and balcony-doors in projects.

  • for window frame material: Timber
  • Rahmenfreimaß (in mm): 38
  • Flügelfalzbreite min. (in mm): 640
  • Flügelfalzbreite max. (in mm): 2000
  • Flügelfalzhöhe min. (in mm): 730
  • Flügelfalzhöhe max. (in mm): 2350
  • Flügelgewicht max. (in mm): 200


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