Box-type windows

Motor-driven box-type window

The box-type window is one of the earliest forms of window. Several windows were arranged behind one another. The space between the windows acts as thermal insulation.

The motor-driven box-type window by Gretsch-Unitas was primarily developed for energy-related reasons. The aesthetic aspect of a homogenous glass facade plays a significant role, as the external window sash of this box-type window has no frame. The control and function elements are located in the space between the two sashes where they are protected from the effects of the weather. The box form also provides a high degree of sound insulation.

The box-type window is motor-driven for ventilation purposes and is therefore also barrier-free. The inner window sash opens to the tilt position and the outer sash opens to a defined width (100, 200 or 300 mm) at the push of a button. This is effected by a chain drive.

The box-type window is suitable for installation in the facade of high-rise buildings. The fall protection ensures that the inner sash can only be opened by authorised users with security card when the outer window sash is closed.

Product details

The inner sash is an electrically operated Tilt&Turn window with ALU-JET AK 8 hardware, the outer sash is a point-fixed, motor-driven frameless sash.

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