DTN 80 swing door drive - closing force instead of latching speed

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Fire and smoke protection doors must close securely in the event of a fire. However, automatic closing is also desirable for interior and exterior doors or doors in the façade. However, a closed or difficult to open door is an obstacle and not barrier-free. This is where swing door drives are used, which open and close automatically, thus ensuring freedom of movement and safety.

Difficult structural conditions mean that doors cannot be reliably closed by swing door operators or door closers. These include draught, wind, overpressure in locks or the need to overcome the mechanical resistance of seals or multiple locking systems.

This challenge becomes particularly clear shortly before the door is to fall into the lock. This is when the force of the closing spring, which in typical swing door drives acts over the entire closing process, is weakest.

For this reason, GU has installed not just one but two spring packages in the DTN 80 swing door drive. The second, controlled by a cam disc, only acts shortly before the door is closed - precisely when the higher closing force is required.

Even wide fire and smoke protection doors up to a closer size of EN 7 are safely closed in the de-energised state.

The full potential: We know that even the best products can only fully exploit their potential if they are optimally matched to each other. This is demonstrated by the DTN 80 swing door drive: it can be combined with a wide range of motorised locks from the GU Group to automate single and double swing doors.

These include the motorised locks of the 19/21 series, the SECURY multipoint locks and the MTRS motorized shoot-bolt lock.

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