GU Group at the Fensterbau Frontale 2020

Gretsch-Unitas at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE, Nuremberg, 18 to 21 March 2020

Only the right combination of matching individual components results in a truly efficient system solution. At the exhibition stand of the Gretsch-Unitas Group, the goal this year is to highlight the advantages the GU Group offers fabricators, planners and architects by supplying the appropriate complete solutions from a single source. Even with new and further developments, the customer can always rely on the fact that the new components are compatible with the existing ones and that no major processing changes are necessary.

As always, GU group present themselves in Hall 4, Stand 201.

The highlights of 2020:

The barrier-free threshold solution from Gretsch-Unitas: GU system threshold bb

The convenience range from Gretsch-Unitas group offers flush-to-floor thresholds as a tested system solution for house entrance doors, balcony-doors and Lift&Slide elements, offering a barrier-free solution for the door types mentioned using the same components and with identical appearance.

House entrance door: The GU system threshold bb is CE-certified in combination with various profile systems. Use of the thermal break enables energy-efficient doors and balcony-doors to be built.

Balcony-door: The patented additional lock by GU also allows the standard Tilt&Turn hardware to be used with the barrier-free solution without additional milling work. This solution is even suitable for 2-sash elements RC 2 / RC 2 N.

Lift&Slide door: For Lift&Slide elements, the barrier-free solution can be used with all GU-thermostep thresholds and requires only a few additional components.

Pre-assembled GU-thermostep threshold

With the GU-thermostep 164 and 204, a service is available that gives the customer the opportunity to order a threshold that has been completely cropped to the required dimension, pre-drilled and pre-assembled. This reduces manufacturing time and manufacturing expenditure which in turn reduces costs for the fabricator, while at the same time minimising possible sources of error during cutting and calculation of the order.

Enhanced security – greater comfort: The new multi-point lock GU-SECURY Automatic-DR combines security with ease of use.

The lock is a combination of automatic latchbolt and hook bolt, and is automatically locking, tested and certified. It ensures that single- and double-leaf house entrance doors and apartment doors in all profiles can be locked and unlocked effortlessly and reliably.

When the door is pulled shut, the Automatic latchbolts are immediately triggered automatically and activate the hook bolts mechanically without magnets, which are prone to interference. The hook bolts now engage with the frame parts, irrespective of the position of the Automatic latchbolts.

The hook bolts move into the top of the frame, which prevents would-be burglars from levering out the door, and also guarantees outstanding functional reliability when lowering the door. The locking elements are secured against being forced back.

The GU-SECURY Automatic-DR is compatible with BKS access control systems, such as the house intercom, wall-mounted push-button, card reader, transponder, fingerprint scanner, wireless transponder, that allow only authorised persons to pass through the door.

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Lift&Slide Fascination – reinvented by the inventor

As early as 1958, with the invention of the Lift&Slide system, the GU group set standards on the market that apply to this day. Thanks to the consistent further development of the Lift&Slide hardware, Gretsch-Unitas, as a complete supplier, offers hardware solutions for all designs in all profile materials (timber, timber-aluminium, PVC, metal). The many enhancements and additional packages make it possible to design and produce Lift&Slide solutions perfectly tailored to customer requirements. Existing elements can be easily retrofitted to meet specific requirements and requests. GU hardware components have a fabricator-friendly design, and a wide range of fixing accessories, and one-to-one support with planning and construction is available. GU products can be fabricated particularly easily, fast and safely using these materials.

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