SECURY system technology

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Implementing custom solutions: the participants get to know the options for producing doors with multi-point locks and burglar-inhibiting properties, and for upgrading or retrofitting existing doors. Here, SECURY X offers a range of options for increasing the security level of existing doors. Furthermore, the release elements of the GU house entrance door concept for the residential and business sectors are presented. The seminar additionally provides information about standards-based requirements for doors with escape or panic functions.



  • Door technology (introduction)
  • Explanations of clearance, axis and the profile behaviour for different application sizes.
  • Locking options and their application for single and double-leaf doors
  • SECURY system technology (lock types, lever-operated gear, SECURY A-opener, SECURY A-opener servo, SECURY X – the flexible multi-point lock)
  • Doors in escape routes in accordance with EN 1125 and EN 179
  • Requirement and classification for burglar inhibition in accordance with EN 1627 to EN 1630
  • Mechanical and electronic access controls with multi-point locks for residential and project doors
  • Care and maintenance of multi-point locks

Practical exercises

  • Door hardware combinations for panic and escape doors


Knowledge of the industry is advantageous

1 Date

24.09.2019 - 25.09.2019 (2 days)

1. day 12:00 Uhr
2. day 13:00 Uhr