GU D 312-16 3D – Drill-in hinge

up to 120 kg, hinge ø 16 mm, 3-part

Overview of features
Quickly installed

  • Simple application
  • Fast installation
  • Can be quickly adjusted in three dimensions
  • Stable hinge seating during and after setting the door hinges
  • Developed also for use with small overlap heights

Product characteristics

  • Timber elements with particularly low overlap height and overlap gasket
  • Can also be used on narrow sashes
  • 3D adjustment possible
  • Maintenance-free bearing system

Technical data

  • Hinge ø 20 mm
  • Length of roll 95 mm
  • Sash pins 7.0 x 50 mm
  • Frame pins 9.8 x 60 mm
  • Area of application: House entrance door, Balcony door
  • For elements of: Timber
  • Functional area: Sound insulation
  • Bandtyp: Drill-in hinge
  • Rebate version: rebated
  • Einstellbarkeit: 3D

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