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GEMOS PSIM advanced physical security information management system

ela-soft – a company of GU group – has been manufacturing GEMOS PSIM, the manufacturer-neutral advanced physical security information management system since 1990. GEMOS has been marketed by BKS since 2019.

With GEMOS numerous media, communication and security systems of different manufacturers, such as fire alarm systems, intrusion detection systems, video management systems, access control systems, fire extinguishing and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems and much more, can be managed. With GEMOS all the technical subsystems are integrated into a central, simple-to-operate interface.

Efficient and sustainable building management with GEMOS systems

High availability and secure interfaces are the basis for the smooth-functioning linking of third-party systems to management systems. GEMOS is equipped with more than 900 interfaces for nearly all known manufacturers, is a market and technology leader in this sector. Although many of the core requirements are similar for all projects, they are also equally diverse in terms of detailed implementation. The intelligent GEMOS interfaces provide a separate driver for linking with every third-party system.

Highly-qualified employees develop and distribute specialized software and hardware solutions. In addition, concept elaboration, implementation and service to support the project is provided by the specially trained BKS and GU BKS SERVICE Team nationally and internationally.

Business areas

  • Hazard, security and alarm management systems
  • Advanced physical security information systems
  • Integration and interface management
  • Access control systems
  • Monitoring systems

Integrated systems

  • Fire alarm, intrusion detection and hazard alarm systems
  • Access control and escape door control systems
  • Audio, media and video systems
  • Radio, personal emergency response and communication systems
  • Building, electric and messaging management systems

Interface management

  • Security systems
  • Building services engineering systems
  • Communications systems
  • Database connections

GEMOS and GEMOS access sales contact

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