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Project door hardware

Gretsch-Unitas door hardware is tested with more than 1.5 m actuation cycles, which exceeds the minimum requirement. The durability test according to EN 1906 demands only 200,000 actuations in the highest user category 4.

The lever handle models Belcanto, Tremolo, Rondo, Dirigent, Office, Legato and Tenuto are equipped with quick-assembly technology. The lever handles are maintenance free and are available in various finishes.

All models in combination with rosettes, short backplates, long backplates as well as wide backplates are certified and continuously monitored by the MPA material testing office in Dortmund, Germany. They comply with the requirements and test methods of DIN 18273 and can be used on fire and smoke protection doors. Security hardware to DIN 18257 and EN 1906 is available in grade ES 1 and ES 3 as a lever handle and entrance set.

The project lever handles are made from high-quality steel and are characterised by their durability, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, abrasion resistance, environmentally friendliness and high level of safety in terms of human health.

The hardware solutions and lever handle series by Gretsch-Unitas make it possible to maintain a consistent design throughout a building for both windows and doors. Ranging from standard hardware to burglar-inhibiting variants through to versions for fire protection, smoke protection and escape doors – there are all variants to choose from.

Panic exit devices in accordance with EN 1125
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RONDO series




OFFICE series

LEGATO series

TREMOLO series

The electronic security hardware ES3

ixalo – the BKS electronic locking system was extended to include the new electronic security hardware, which makes it an even more convincing all-round system solution. The security hardware satisfies the highest security requirements and can also withstand the weather conditions.

Special features


  • „One design for both technologies – SE technology by BKS and RFID technology
  • Suitable for use on fire rated doors or smoke protection elements and doors in rescue routes
  • Burglar-inhibiting and corrosion resistant
  • „The security hardware fundamentally has protection code IP55 and is protected from the effects of foreign objects, dust and physical contact as well as water and moisture
  • „Highly energy efficient (up to 120 000 closing cycles with standard batteries featuring SE technology)
  • Can be adjusted for rh/lh use
  • Visual and acoustic signalling of access authorisation
  • Many special functions (daytime release, double-check principle, burglar alarm system function, etc.)


Can be combined with WDL door hardware range

ixalo security hardware can be used in conjunction with the lever handle models of the WDL door hardware range. To meet individual requirements, many design-oriented door hardware variants can be obtained in combination with the relevant WDL lever handle series.


Door handles with antimicrobial coating

Lever handles that are touched by hand every day, there is a risk of contracting germs, bacteria or viruses. This is why BKS also has a lever handle with an antimicrobial finish in its range.

The antimicrobial coating SANPURE ® of the cooperation partner GB Neuhaus is used. It contains the active ingredient nanosilver, which kills bacteria, germs and mould and renders these harmless. Independent studies have also shown that SANPURE® reduces viruses by more than 99.99% after just eight hours. More than 20 years of effect duration. The surface is scratch-resistant and can withstand conventional detergents and disinfection methods. The transparent coating does not detract from the design appearance of the door handles.

Silver is lethal to germs

Silver is effective against a wide range of micro-organisms such as bacteria, mould and viruses on surfaces, skin and mucous membranes. The positively charged silver ions are responsible for this antimicrobial effect. They are produced due to the oxidation of elemental silver when it comes into contact with moisture. The silver ions attach themselves to the germ cell proteins and destroy important functions in the cell. The germs die off.

Effect of nanosilver/silver ions on surfaces

In principle, nanosilver (particles of elemental silver less than 100 nanometres in size) can be incorporated into all types of powder coatings and paints: irrespective of whether they are water-based, contain solvents or UV hardening. The nanoparticles cannot be rubbed out of the surfaces. Once incorporated, they last for the whole lifetime of the product.

A surface to which nanosilver has been added has one significant advantage: namely that nanosilver immediately prevents the exponential growth of germs. This brings about permanent disinfection of the surface.

When germs come into contact with a surface containing nanosilver particles, they are not only prevented from reproducing, they are also killed off.

Harmless to health

In addition to hygiene safety, the antimicrobial surface treatment used has been proven to have no adverse effects on the ecological balance of the healthy human skin microflora. Furthermore, SANPURE® also contains a modern system for controlled release of active ingredients and therefore satisfies all biocompatibility requirements and poses no danger to the environment.

Product benefits of the BKS hygienic door lever


  • Reproduction of dangerous germs can be reduced
  • Antiviral effect
  • Abrasion and scratch-resistant
  • Chemically resistant to conventional detergents and disinfections methods
  • More than 20 years of effect duration
  • No adverse effects on the ecological balance of the healthy human skin microflora

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