New opening types and window shapes to cater for the special aesthetics of the facade

Planning – Development – Implementation: a one-stop service!
Modern, creative architecture places very high demands on the design and function of facades. Together with planners, system suppliers and fabricators, we develop and facilitate appropriate solutions.

With hardware for Projecting Top-Hung, Parallel-Projecting, Horizontal-Pivot or Side-Hung windows, as well as special designs based on individual customer specifications, it is possible to satisfy demands for new opening types and window shapes with unique aesthetic qualities.

As specialist in all opening types for the facade, Gretsch-Unitas has built up formidable technical expertise over many years in the development of innovative opening mechanisms and also verifies they safely and cost-effectively satisfy the applicable standards and regulations by carrying out functional tests at the in-house testing centre.

Our experts take project-related special parts developed exclusively for individual projects as innovative engineering work and combine them with elements from the tried-and-tested range of the GU group.

After all, individually designed facades incorporating Gretsch-Unitas technology are not just architecturally appealing, they also satisfy the highest of expectations with respect to functionality, ventilation, thermal insulation and burglar protection.

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Parallel-Projecting windows

Elegant homogenous facades
Parallel-Projecting windows are used where the elegant visual effect and homogenous appearance of a glass facade should be retained even when the windows are opened in different ways. In contrast to conventional Tilt-Only or Tilt&Turn windows, the window surface is not swivelled in relation to the frame, but is moved out in an orientation that is parallel to the glass facade.

Furthermore, this opening type is also suitable for achieving natural ventilation concepts because of the steplessly controllable opening widths.

In comparison to conventional tilted windows, Parallel-Projecting windows can obtain a much higher rate of air exchange with the same opening width. As with all outwardly opening windows, this opening type does not take up any room inside.

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Side-Hung and Bottom-Hung windows

Every dimension of window is possible
New requirements regarding the weight and measurements of Side-Hung windows require creative solutions. The challenge is to harmonise the new window dimensions with the aesthetic requirements of the architect. Gretsch-Unitas has the answers to all challenges posed by sophisticated building envelopes, e.g. concealed hardware, delicate heavy-duty Side-Hung hinges and hardware for very heavy sashes.


Projecting Top-Hung windows

Uniform all-glass facade
The Projecting Top-Hung function in windows offers considerable functional and aesthetic advantages in many building projects. The window sash dips downward slightly when opening outward and remains in any opening position. This window lends an exceptionally homogenous character to all-glass facades (structural glazing). In contrast to conventional Top-Hung windows, Projecting Top-Hung windows are positionally stable in any position.

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Tilt & Slide elements

Leichtgängig und dennoch sturmsicher
Als himmelstürmender Wohnturm ist das Objekt Ocean Heights in Dubai Inbegriff luxuriöser Immobilien der Gegenwart. Der Wolkenkratzer mit Blick auf die künstlich angelegte Insel „Palm Jumeirah“ ist 2010 im Berzirk Dubai Marina eröffnet worden. Zu seinen Glanzpunkten gehören Balkone, die über bodentiefe Schiebeelemente erschlossen werden. Gretsch-Unitas hat für die Balkone des Ocean Heights insgesamt 1250 Parallelschiebekipp-Beschläge geliefert, die trotz ihrer hohen Gewichte mit ihrem besonders leichten Lauf für Komfort sorgen. Die Kippfunktion ist durch die starken Scheren der Beschläge sturmsicher, was bei einem über 300 Meter hohem Gebäude sehr wichtig ist. 2006 wurde das Gebäude mit dem Bentley “Best Architecture” Award ausgezeichnet.

Referenz Ocean Heights

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Special designs tailored to individual requirements

Diamond-shaped Parallel-Projecting windows without profile
The patent-protected profile construction with reduced number of components increases the scope for design creativity. When closed, the window is fully integrated into the facade. It is opened and closed by a motor. The integrated high-resolution sensor components detect obstructions and prevent jamming.

Building project consulting and planning for tailored solutions

A product on its own is not a solution. The correct level of security, function and cost-effectiveness can only be achieved with the right planning and by ensuring correct application. The GU group therefore also applies the systematic thought processes demonstrated in its product range to its service offering. Close interlinking of one-to-one expert advice, free online support and a comprehensive programme of technical seminars aims to make the day-to-day work of architects and planners easier.

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