Electrical door strikes

Fitting the profile

An electric strike is an electrical device which is installed in the door frame with electromagnetic latch release controlled by remote control. Electric strikes are frequently combined with intercoms or surveillance cameras which enable occupants to identify visitors before they open the door. Electric strikes are normally used on house entrance doors of multiple-occupancy dwellings, commercial projects, medical practises or company premises.

Electric strike ET8

The GU-BKS electric strike ET 8 have a small format and compact radius keeper design, and can therefore be integrated in almost every profile without milling the profile edge. When using the optional version with latch slide cover it is no longer even necessary to mill a recess in the profile edge. The adjustable radius keeper enables the gasket pressure of the door to be adjusted in two steps so the door will always be shut tightly. A FH (fire-retardant) version of the electric strikes is available for use in fire and smoke protection doors.

The GU-BKS electric door strikes of the ET 8 series cover in just a few variants all standard mechanical and electrical requirements. Due to its compact design and 52.5 mm distance between screw centres, the GU-BKS electric strike ET 8 can be retrofitted in existing profiles.

Performance features


  • Non-handed (DIN lh and DIN rh usable) due to the symmetrical design
  • Small and compact size
  • Adjustable radius keeper: 3 mm in 3 steps
  • Twin coil technique provides for wide operating voltage range
  • Combinable with electronic control units
  • Pole reversal-proof spike protection with bipolar TVS diode (EMC protection)
  • Whole range of requirements (aluminium, PVC and timber profiles) covered with just a few variants
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