GU sound absorbing mat

GU sound absorbing mat is a highly efficient sound absorbing mat made of closed cell expanded EPE which has been specially developed for the energy-saving renovation of existing shutter boxes without needing to change the window, shutter slats or blind. The material is extremely flexible and very easy to work with.
GU sound absorbing mat adapts to the local situation of the shutter box. No special tools are required for an exact cut, just a knife. One side is laminated with weatherproof special glue, meaning that there is no need for additional foam-filling or gluing.

  • Simple and easy installation without special tools
  • Fits any shutter box
  • Extremely flexible, high quality
  • Ideally adapts itself to any structural situation
  • Outstanding heat insulation
  • Enhanced sound insulation due to special surface coating
  • Airtight
  • Energy saving
  • Area of application: Heat and sound

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