BKS | hotel solution – The tried-and-tested access solution for the hotel industry

Our BKS | hotel solution provides guests with first-class service and satisfaction. Innovative design and user-friendly software ensure that guests have a smooth experience from the start to the end of their stay.

The hotel software BKS | hotel integrates seamlessly into reservation systems, automates guest cards and reduces the workload at the reception desk. Analyses guarantee optimal room occupancy, while maintenance aspects are actively monitored. The browser-based software excels through its user-friendliness. Our hotel hardware impresses with appealing design and innovative technology.


GGG all-glass revolving door: maximum transparency in a draught-free entrance area

The GGG all-glass revolving door is the number one choice when it comes to maximum transparency in a draught-free entrance area.
The size of all-glass revolving door profiles is reduced to a minimum. This ensures maximum transparency, even with automatic all-glass revolving doors, since the drive is located in the floor. The semi-automatic and automatic revolving door are type-tested by TÜV to DIN 18650 and EN 16005 and comply with the current standards and regulations.
Adaptations for special requirements are possible at any time.


Fold&Slide hardware: large opening widths

Fold&Slide doors provides flexible use of space in gastronomy. They are ideal for use in rooms that require maximum opening widths where the sashes must be incorporated in a space saving manner and a light-filled, exclusive atmosphere is required. The large clear opening widths of Fold&Slide doors make them eminently suitable for verandas and entrances to domestic glass extensions, or as room dividers for conference facilities and rooms in the hotel, hospitality and events industry.
Fold&Slide doors can be made barrier-free, secure and user-friendly with GU hardware.


Concealed door closer: aesthetic solution for interior doors

Security and elegance in one product solution: the concealed door closer is installed in the door leaf and door frame, and is not visible when the door is closed. The door is securely closed after being opened. At the same time, the double-heart curve technology guarantees ease of access. A mechanical hold-open device can be integrated as an option, and is easy to retrofit to door closers that have already been installed.


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