GGG all-glass revolving door: maximum transparency in a draught-free entrance area.

The GGG all-glass revolving door is the number one choice when it comes to maximum transparency in a draught-free entrance area. The drive is in the base, which means the roof of this revolvong door can be glazed. This in combination with the exceptionally slender profile widths creates a spacious airy feel. A wide range of surface finishes combined with different types of glass provides a great deal of design freedom. An optional night shield protects against misuse outside of operating hours.

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Fold&Slide hardware: large opening widths

A connected indoor and outdoor area in summer and unrestricted visibility in winter in spite of closed rooms: Fold&Slide hardware provides flexible use of space in gastronomy. Large opening widths can be achieved with a large number of variants. When the sashes are open, they are parked at the side in a space-saving arrangement. Not only guests but also the staff will appreciate a passage without trip hazards.

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Concealed door closer: aesthetic solution for interior doors

Security and elegance in one product solution: the concealed door closer is installed in the door leaf and door frame, and is not visible when the door is closed. The door is securely closed after being opened. Double-heart curve technology guarantees ease of access. A mechanical hold-open device can be integrated as an option, and is easy to retrofit to door closers that have already been installed.

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