GU group – Securing technology for you

Opening, Moving, Closing, Locking, Securing – the Gretsch-Unitas group offers "Securing technology for you" with its perfectly matching complete product range. The strengths of the GU group do not stand alone – they complement each another mutually. Together, they represent the brand values of Gretsch-Unitas – the core of the securing technology system.

Gretsch-Unitas GmbH Baubeschläge

Gretsch-Unitas GmbH Baubeschläge

The group is headquartered in Ditzingen, alongside the development, administration and production divisions of Gretsch-Unitas GmbH Baubeschläge.



BKS GmbH in Velbert manufactures mechanical and electronic locking cylinders, locks and locking systems for the door technology.



Ferco, which is located in the French town of Réding, offers a comprehensive range of hardware for windows and doors, master key systems and automated systems.

GU Automatic

GU Automatic

GU Automatic in Rietberg is renowned worldwide for its innovative, secure and reliable solutions for automatic entrance systems and door automation.



ela‑soft in Berlin develops non manufacturer-specific building management and organisation systems, such as GEMOS.


Founding of company BKS

Foreman Adolf Boge and locksmith Fritz Kasten founded the Rheinische Türschließerfabrik in Solingen - BKS - in 1903.

Founding of company Hermann Gretsch GmbH

The name Gretsch-Unitas is derived from the names of the company founder Viktor Gretsch and the UNITAS metalware factory where the successful Unitas Horizontal-Pivot windows were manufactured.

Johann Maus becomes Managing Director and partner

The street in which the group headquarters has been located since the 1970s was named after the managing director and co-partner Johann Maus.

GU registers patent for sliding door hardware

Gretsch-Unitas develops hardware for sliding doors for indoor and outdoor use.

BKS develops round cylinder

The development of the round cylinder in 1938 represented a further milestone in the history of BKS and paved the way for our today's locking cylinders.

BKS brings the panic lock on to the market

Another innovation in Europe was the panic lock in the 1950s, which could be used to open locked doors from the inside.

GU registers patent for Lift&Slide hardware

Ever since Gretsch-Unitas invented the first hardware system for Lift&Slide doors back in 1958, large-format Lift&Slide doors have been right at the top of the architectural wish list of demanding builders.

FERCO joins Gretsch-Unitas

The company FERCO was founded in 1934 and is based in Réding (Moselle). In 1975, Gretsch-Unitas acquires shares in France's biggest manufacturer of architectural hardware.

GU develops multi-point locks

This is the year in which GU SECURY multi-point locks are developed. Some of these are still used in doors today.

Founding of Agena

Founding of Agena GmbH (Organisation and Information Processing company).

BKS joins Gretsch-Unitas

GU group takes over the renowned traditional manufacturer of door technology, including locking cylinders, locks, locking systems, panic locks and system solutions for access control.

BKS introduces electronic products for the door

The first electronic cylinder (ESI) is developed. This technology was used by BKS to develop the electronic locking system as we know it today.

ela-soft joins Gretsch-Unitas

Since 1990, ela-soft has been developing manufacturer-neutral management systems for security, building and communication technology. The successful building management and organisation system, which integrates all the technical subsystems into a central, simple-to-operate interface has put ela-soft firmly on the map as market and technology leader in this sector.

GU Automatic joins Gretsch-Unitas

The company was founded in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in 1977 when it was known as "ats - Automatik-Tür-Systeme GmbH" and has been part of the Gretsch-Unitas group since 2001. Since 2009, the company has been trading under the name "GU Automatic GmbH" and has been based in the town of Rietberg in the district of Gütersloh in the Eastern part of the region of Westphalia since 2015.

GU Logistik is established

Single orders or full truckloads, from placing of the order through to a Just-in-Time service for every customer worldwide.

Implementation of the Group's Corporate Design

GU – the strong umbrella brand: The company divisions window technology, door technology, automatic entrance systems, management systems and their powerful system brands have been brought under one 'long-span roof' – the umbrella brand GU. The technically mature products of the system brands GU, BKS, and FERCO constitute the powerful pillars of complete, trade-spanning systems.

ixalo lock

The first lock-integrated access control

GU house entrance door package

– multiple award-winning and VdS-certified.


The future of sliding: the motor-driven Lift & Slide door HS ePOWER completely barrier-free.


Access to greater flexibility: ixalo – the electronic locking system by BKS.

GU system threshold

Floor-flush GU system threshold awarded as product of the year by bfb.