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Barrier-free construction and barrier-free architecture make life more comfortable and convenient for everybody. After all, accessibility also benefits people whose mobility is only temporarily restricted, such as parents with pushchairs or small children, people transporting bulky purchases or luggage, or people walking with crutches. Whoever takes the requirements for accessibility into account in the design from the outset when planning a building is sure to find solutions that are cost effective or even have no impact on cost whatsoever. This means a sustainable investment for builders.

As movable and functional construction elements for barrier-free living, windows and doors have a special significance because they are used almost every day. Correct planning and application is decisive for security, function and cost-effectiveness. The service offering of the GU group therefore includes expert one-to-one advice, free online support and a comprehensive programme of technical seminars. This makes they day-to-day work of architects and planners easier.

The GU group regards barrier-free construction as sustainable construction. This ensures accessibility and comfort for every building user. By collaborating closely with architects, planners and developers, all-encompassing solutions that are tailored to the target groups and protection objectives can be found. In this case, comfortable operation goes hand in hand with appropriate aesthetics – an important basis for safeguarding the value of the building in the long term.

In order to offer all building users outstanding comfort, all components must be mutually coordinated work reliably. This is why the GU group offers one-stop system solutions – from the door threshold through to the central building management system, from window hardware through to automated facade control systems.

We offer you the following services
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Automatic sliding doors

Ideal for barrier-free and prestigious entrances: automatic sliding doors combine aesthetical design with contact-free access comfort without threshold.

Automatic swing doors

Fire and smoke protection doors must close securely and automatically in the event of a fire. However, it is also desirable for inside and outside doors or doors in the facade to close automatically. However, a closed or difficult to open door is an obstacle and not barrier-free. This is where swing-door drives are used, which open and close automatically, thus ensuring freedom of movement and security. The DTN 80 swing-door drive features a patented spring system that closes the door securely, quietly and completely even in difficult structural conditions such as draughts, excess pressure or a multi-point lock.

Project doors and interior doors

An interior door is an interior door, it might be said, but there is more to it than that: individual solutions are required, depending on the building type, building users and building area. Whether used in hospitals, schools, hotels, or also in private apartments – the requirements to be met by project and interior doors are many and varied. The GU group therefore has many solutions for interior doors in its range, covering a wide range of requirements: from convenient operating elements through to automatic opening and closing of the door.

House and apartment entrance doors

From entrance door to comfortable access zone: intelligent technology and control variants that fully satisfy the expectations of the occupants.

Barrier-free threshold solution for house entrance doors, balcony doors and Lift&Slide elements

No more distinction between inside and outside: Lift&Slide doors are the comfortable transition between the living area and the outdoor environment.

Windows – barrier-free operation, convenient ventilation

Effortless tilting, turning, lifting and sliding: GU window hardware offers solutions for windows that provide convenient ventilation, straightforward operation, comfort, security, fire and smoke protection – for all frame materials and opening methods.

Window solutions for facades

Comfortable, elegant and efficient. Special aesthetical solutions for sophisticated facade architecture are possible, despite the existence of countless standards and requirements. Windows are an important element in this. They should blend harmoniously into the overall creative imagery of the facade and also carry out tasks such as ventilation, thermal insulation and burglar protection. The requirements for barrier freedom are as complex as the functions. The GU group has the right window solutions for every facade – using mechanical systems, motor-drives or intelligent electronics, they make operation easier and offer plenty of comfort.

Building management – central monitoring and control of windows and doors

Central access control, ventilation and locking: windows, doors and facade elements can be comfortably networked and controlled using the intelligent GEMOS physical security information management system. This system is equipped with interfaces that ensure harmonious integration into the overall building management.

Barrier-free construction – universal solutions for greater convenience

In accordance with our guiding principle "Securing Technology for You", we support you all the way from planning right through to the implementation of barrier-free solutions, regardless of whether it concerns a new build, redevelopment or retrofit. We have compiled some examples for you in the Barrier-free construction brochure (German only), which you can download here.

Brochure in PDF format

House and apartment entrance doors must

  • have a passage width of at least 0.90 m
  • have operating elements (e.g. lever handles, push/pull handles, locking cylinders) at a height of 0.85–1.05 m
  • be operable with little effort
  • provide sufficient manoeuvring space on the inside. If this is not possible owing to the building structure, outwards-opening doors can be used, provided there is space to manoeuvre on the outside measuring at least 1.50 x 1.50 m or 1.40 x 1.70 m
  • have no steps or threshold. If this is not possible owing to the building structure, thresholds must be a maximum of 20 mm high
  • have a U-value of at most 1.3 W/(mK) on replacement, if these are external doors forming part of the thermal envelope of the building

Operating elements must

  • be generously sized and locatable and identifiable by touch. Only tilt and touch switches should therefore be used. Motion-sensitive switches are permitted
  • be installed at a height of 0.80–1.10 m

Interior doors must

  • be widened to a passage width of at least 0.80 m
  • have a lever handle at a height of 0.85–1.05 m
  • in the case of sanitary facilities, open outwards with the ability to be unlocked from the outside
  • when the door is open, have a corridor with a passage width of at least 1.00 m, if space-saving doors are installed

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