Automatic swing-door drive: convenient access for staff and patients

Easy accessibility for patients with limited mobility, easy transport of beds but also hygiene aspects: The DTN 80 swing door operator has a patented double spring system that closes the door securely, quietly and completely even under difficult structural conditions such as draught, overpressure or multiple locking.

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Slide-rail closers with electromechanical hold-open device: security combined with aesthetics

Modular hold-open systems are essential in hospitals to ensure problem-free use of doors in everyday operation. At the same time, reliable closing is guaranteed in the event of a fire. The OTS 736 FER-SRI for double-leaf doors offers this flexibility with a steplessly adjustable hold-open range from 75 to 150°. Costs have also been considered: the modular units come fully pre-mounted which means the system can be quickly and easily installed.

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KS 30/40 chain drive with integrated radio remote control: convenient fresh air control

To ensure efficient air circulation, it must be possible to open and close the windows. The KS 30/40 chain drive can be conveniently operated via radio remote control. The stepless setting of the opening width allows the fresh air supply to be regulated according to individual requirements. An optimum gasket pressure is achieved in combination with a locking drive – the best preconditions for effective heat and sound insulation as well as tightness against driving rain.

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