GU-SECURY Automatic-DR: Increased safety – more convenience

The new GU-SECURY Automatic-DR locking system combines safety with ease of use.

External doors place special demands on burglar resistance and tightness. They should also be opened, moved and closed conveniently. The interplay of tightness, security and convenient opening and closing is achieved with the GU-SECURY automatic multipoint locks from Gretsch-Unitas.

The mechanically self-locking locking systems replace manual locking with the key. With the new type of locking Automatic-Double Bolt (Automatic-DR), the proven range of GU-SECURY system technology - the modular forend length concept - has been further developed: The new multiple locking system combines automatic deadbolts with locking hooks - which lock together automatically.

The new GU-SECURY Automatic-DR locking system combines security with ease of use.

The lock ensures effortless, reliable locking and unlocking of 1- and 2-leaf house and apartment doors with wooden, plastic and metal profiles. The automatic deadbolts are the first to release when the door is closed and release the locking hooks mechanically, without magnets susceptible to faults. The locking hooks now engage in the frame parts independently of the position of the automatic deadbolts. To open, all locking elements are retracted by a lever operation.

The locking hooks lock upwards, which serves to protect against levering out during burglary attempts and also ensures a high level of functional safety when the door is lowered. The locking elements are secured against being pushed back. Additional locking with the key is only necessary if the lever handle is to be locked from the inside, e.g. for child safety.

The GU-SECURY Automatic-DR is compatible with BKS access control systems such as intercom systems, wall switches, card readers, transponders, finger scanners and radio transponders, which ensure that only authorised persons can enter the door.


    Approval prEN 15685

    RC 2- / RC 3 / RC 4 suitability

    VdS Class B (in preparation)

Optional Functions

Automatic openers and servo automatic openers are used to open doors even more conveniently or even barrier-free. With the A-opener servo, the opening motor starts by a minimum key rotation or a light tap on the lever handle and the locks are retracted.

For additional security, as an alternative to the door chain or door spy, the door can only be opened one gap by the door catch device of the locking handle. Operation is simple and convenient using the rotary knob. This version is particularly suitable for apartment entrance doors and front doors in detached houses.

With the GU-SECURY Automatic system with daytime release, the locking elements can be mechanically locked in the lock by the authorised user if required. The door can therefore be opened from the outside without a key.

The GU-SECURY Automatic-DR is compatible with the power and data transmitter SECUREconnect and can therefore be easily integrated into the GU front door package. Biometric finger recognition or the individual access code enable convenient access.

The fire-resistant version is suitable for fire doors to DIN 4102 in combination with BKS fittings for fire protection closures to DIN EN 1634.

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