RC 1N, RC 2N and RC 2 licensing for burglar-inhibiting windows and balcony doors made from timber using GU group products

F 40


Expertise in burglar protection: the seminar authorises participants and licenses their specialist companies to manufacture and distribute burglar-inhibiting window elements made of timber using GU group products. This includes Turn-Only, Tilt-Only, Tilt&Turn, Tilt-First, Tilt&Slide and Lift&Slide elements.



  • Burglar inhibition: GU basic security right up to tested security according to EN 1627 to EN 1630
  • Modus operandi for residential burglaries
  • Hardware solutions for untested security through to tested burglar inhibition in accordance with EN 1627 to EN 1630
  • The group of standards EN 1627 to EN 1630 and its requirements for timber window elements
  • Presentation of the opening types of licensed windows and balcony doors

Practical exercises

  • Putting together hardware components for achieving the desired resistance classes

Authorisation / Licensing

  • Authorisation of the participants
  • Licensing of specialist companies


Trained window maker

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